Register a car in New Hampshire

You do not have to pay sales tax when you register a car in New Hampshire.  This is just one of the wonderful things about being a resident of this beautiful state!  This saves Key Auto Groups customers thousands of dollars because when they go to register their car, they only have to pay a state and federal registration fee.  The state title fee will be collected at the dealership, so the amount of money required to register a car in NH is minimal. 

When you buy a car at one of the Key Auto Group dealerships, you will usually receive a 20 day temporary plate.  This temporary plate allows you to wait 20 days to register your car in NH, essentially giving you the privilege of driving free for the better part of a month.  When it is time to register your car, you will turn in your New Hampshire title application (also known as your blues).  This is what will be sent to the state and your lending institution, at which point a new title will be issued in your name.  The lender will receive this title after your register the car, and the title will be held until you pay off your car loan.  The title application makes it unnecessary to transfer physical title at the dealership, and the motor vehicle registry will be happy to accept the application. 

Not sure where in New Hampshire you're supposed to register your car?  Here are some helpful links to some of the most popular DMV's:

Manchester, NH
Nashua, NH
Concord, NH
Derry, NH
Rochester, NH
Dover, NH
Salem, NH
Merrimack, NH
Keene, NH
Laconia, NH
Londonderry, NH
Hudson, NH
Portsmouth, NH
Exeter, NH
Bedford, NH
Durham, NH
Goffstown, NH
Hampton, NH
Claremont, NH
Milford, NH 

Register your car in Massachusetts

New Hampshire car dealers like the Key Auto Group have a responsibility to help customers of other states register their cars, too.   If youre going to be registering your car in Massachusetts, you will usually leave our New Hampshire dealership with the title to your new vehicle and the RMV-1 form.  Your auto insurance company will need to stamp the RMV-1 form, after which you will be able to register your car in Massachusetts. 

Register your car in Maine

If you buy a car from one of our New Hampshire auto dealerships, you will usually leave with a New Hampshire temporary plate unless you live in Massachusetts.  Maine residents will have a temporary plate as long as the vehicle is sold with a New Hampshire State Inspection.  Maine residents will also receive either a title application for their purchased car or the actual physical title, whichever the situation demands.

Need to trade your car and cant find your car title?

The good news is that if your car is over 15 years old, you will not need the title.  Our finance managers will simply have you sign off on a couple forms, and your vehicle will be exempt.  If your vehicle is fewer than 15 years old, we will help you apply for a Duplicate New Hampshire Title.  This is an easy process and is nothing to worry about.  The title will come directly to our dealership and you will not have to worry about it. 

Are you trying to trade a vehicle that is currently being financed?  Awesome!  We can help you through the process of trading your vehicle in.  The process is simple:  We appraise your vehicle for its market value.   If you owe more on your vehicle than the amount for which it is appraised, the excess will be included in your next loan.  Some customers choose to pay this off with cash, but it is rarely required to do so.  In fact, many of the loans we write at our dealerships include some sort of negative equity.  This is because the reality is that car values usually depreciate faster than loan values, and the average trade cycle is approximately three years.  The good news is that our new cars and used cars are priced well below market value, making it easier to help someone cope with a negative equity situation.