Auto Finance Rates
Interest rates are extremely important to many car buyers.  Indeed, the interest rate you get on your loan can often influence whether or not the monthly payment fits within your budget.

Although it is impossible to predict an exact interest rate without pricing and credit information, you will almost always qualify for a better rate and term at The Superstore than anywhere else on the Seacoast.

Here's why: The Superstore maintains cohesive partnerships with over 30 separate lending institutions of all sizes. These partnerships allow us to provide our customers with the lowest possible finance rates and most competitive terms. Our lending network includes a variety of institutions throughout the region.

Here are some of the things that might influence your interest rate:

1) Your own personal credit history: Those with great credit history will usually qualify for the best finance terms.                               

2) The year of the vehicle you're financing: As a general rule, the newer the vehicle, the lower your interest rate.  This speaks to the level of risk the bank is taking by offering financing on the vehicle you've chosen.  The newer the vehicle, the lower the likelihood you will have to spend money on repairs.

3) The mileage on the vehicle you're financing: As a general rule, the lower the mileage, the lower the rate.  This is similar to the year of the vehicle.

4) The type of vehicle you're financing: Although this is very rare, some banks favor certain makes/models over others.

5) Where you're purchasing your vehicle: Some dealerships, like The Superstore, have the ability to help you qualify for lower rates than you would at other places.

6) The amount of cash you're applying toward the purchase: Contributing a cash down payment to an automobile purchase often positively influences your interest rate because it decreases the bank's risk position in the transaction.

Here is a list of some of the lenders we can connect you with: Capital One, TD Bank, Northeast Credit Union, Bank of America, Chase, Ally Financial, GM Financial Americredit, Santander Consumer USA, St Mary's Bank, Service Credit Union, Triangle Credit Union, Holy Rosay Credit Union, Digital Credit Union (DCU)